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Scientific group of the Chair of crystallography headed by prof. Oleg Sydra received a new type of nanotubes. Its structure contains unique uranyl sulfate [(UO2)6(SO4)10]8− nanotubules templated by protonated N-phenylglycine (C6H5NH2CH2COOH)+. Their internal diameter is 1.4 nm.The results of the research, supported by the Russian Science Foundation, are published in the journal Nanomaterials

Science News

Today have been defended the first works for the degree of Ph.D. SPbSU, Geology (Ph.D. SPbSU, Earth Sciences): E.S. Zhitova (Elena Zhitova) «Crystal Chemistry of Natural Layered Double Hydroxides»; A.S. Pakhomova (Anna Pakhomova) «Crystal Chemistry of Natural and Synthetic Titanium and Molybdenum Oxocompounds». Scientific supervisor – Sergey V. Krivovichev, Prof. Dr. Chairman, Department of Crystallography. Crystal structure investigations have been prepared on the equipment of SPbSU Research Centre for X-ray Diffraction Studies.

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