Welcome to the Center of X-ray diffraction studies at St.Petersburg State University

The Center of X-ray diffraction studies at St.Petersburg State University (XRD Center SPbSU) provides scientific, methodological and practical support of material research work utilizing XRD techniques. The center provides the wide range of methods; it is equipped with the leading-edge analytical instruments which makes it a unique research laboratory in Russian Federation. We work in various fields of materials research, solid state physics and chemistry and other fields related to development of advanced materials, including biologically active systems, drugs, and nano-scale functional materials.

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X-ray diffraction is the scattering of X-rays by crystals (or molecules in liquids and gases), during which the secondary deflected beam of the same wavelength appear from the primary radiation beam, resulting from the interaction of primary X-rays and electrons of the substance. The direction and intensity of the secondary beams depend on the structure of the scattering object.



RC staff members Margarita Avdontceva and Taras Panikorovsky participated in the 8th European Conference on Mineralogy and Spectroscopy with oral presentations. Conference took place in Rome, Italy.
The meeting was attended by more than 100 scientists from Europe, Middle and Far East, Australia and USA (1st place Italy 40%, 2nd place Russia 19 %) specializing in crystallography, x-ray analysis, crystal chemistry, spectroscopy and material sciences. The first place among the participants of the conference took Italy (40 %), Russia – the second place (19 %). The participitation in the conference allowed to share experience with European colleagues, to study a new diffraction equipment which was presented by Bruker, to introduce Research centre for X – Ray diffraction studies and to show the recent results obtained by using RC equipment.

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