Single crystal diffractometer STOE «IPDS II»

State of the art diffractometer with extremely sensitive and reliable imaging plate technology. Can be used to capture small amounts of powder substance in the Debye-Scherrer geometry.

Technical charachteristics:

  • MoKα X-ray sealed tube;
  • Rated operation X-ray sources: 50 kV/30 mA;
  • A tunable graphite crystal monochromator selects only the Kα line (l=0.71073Å) emitted from the Mo X-ray source;
  • Detector Imaging Plate technology;
    • diameter Image Plate (active area)  340mm, (max 2theta = 77°);
    • low noise due to absence of dark current;
    • linear dynamic range  > 1*105;
    • pixel size: 150 х 150 µm2.
  • 2-axis goniometer:
    • free rotation of the phi  angles (ϕ);
    • ω angle ranges from 0 to +180o;
    • Detector distance:  40 – 200 mm (automatically set)


Information from the manufacturer:


The Vasilyevsky Island training and research Complex of SPbSU

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