High resolution diffractometer Rigaku «Ultima IV»

A high-resolution diffractometer with Cu X-ray source for accurate qualitative and quantitative phase analysis of polycrystals and ceramic materials.

Technical charachteristics:

  • CuKα X-ray sealed tube (focus size - 0.4 x 12 mm);
  • Rated operation X-ray sources: 40 kV/30 mA;
  • Vertical Theta / Theta goniometer radius of 285 mm:
    • 2θ angle ranges from -3 to +162 °;
    • Scanning method – related θs / θd or θs, θd independent;
    • min scanning step value 0.0001°;
  • High Energy-detector of the reflected X-rays DTEX / ULTRA:
    • 512 recording channels;
    • dynamic range of at least 105 pulses / s per channel;
  • Optical system:
    • automatically varied gap on the output beam;
    • automatically varied gap on the diffracted beam;
    • automatically varied entrance slit;
    • automatic adjustment of the tube height, goniometer, optics and detector;


The PDXL software package - provides an opportunity for a different analysis, for example, automatic qualitative phase analysis, quantitative phase analysis, refining unit cell parameters.

Information from the manufacturer:



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